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Hi, I’m Kelly

nice to meet you!

I am an empathetic leader who has a passion for communication and understanding others. I’ve had a wide variety of experiences that have shaped my life and lead me to find coaching as my personal and professional passion.

My professional journey started in West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I then took an opportunity in Baltimore Maryland where I taught for a year in city schools as an AmeriCorps member. Ultimately I found roots here in our nation’s capital working with the dynamic community of nonprofits and government organizations that call this area home.

I had always envisioned myself working in academia or with a nonprofit involved in social issues either here or abroad. To support this vision, I trained as an applied anthropologist, but just a few years after leaving graduate school I found myself working for a large management consulting firm—and loving it. I loved applying what I had learned about culture to organizations as well as social science research methodology to business problems.

I was introduced to coaching in 2012 when I was asked to complete an executive coaching training program. It was love at first sight. I found the coaching process a thoughtful and powerful tool for my career as well as for the individuals and organizations I coached. Coaching integrates the thoughtfulness and critical thinking of academic pursuits but ultimately the power is not in what the coach can “do for” or “offer” the client—it’s in the powerful questions and reflecting the powerful observation where true transformation happens. Similar to anthropology, the core of coaching is empathy—and to understand the other person wholly. From that holistic understanding, breakthroughs in all aspect of life and business are possible.

I hold a Masters of Applied Anthropology (M.A.A.) from the University of Maryland, College Park. I am also a proud graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, an intensive year-long accredited coach training program (ACTP) accredited by the ICF.

On the personal side

Coaching also had a profound impact on my personal life. On the exterior I had a great life: a loving family, a beautiful home in a great neighborhood, a successful career. But something was missing. I didn't feel happy or a sense of fulfillment. In fact, I was profoundly unhappy. I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong, but I knew this couldn't be as good as it got. Enter coaching. A personal coach helped me turn things around and start a journey of self-discovery that has transformed my mindset and my life. Through powerful questions and an unflinching and honest eye, my coach held me accountable and helped me clarify my goals and drill into what was keeping me from meeting them when I had setbacks. I've gone from living life as an endless list of to-dos to embracing each moment as a chance to love, enjoy, and say “yes!” to life's adventures. 

What I Want For You

I want you, your business, and organization to thrive not just survive. I want you to love your life and step into the leadership you already possess. I want you to find all that is possible and make it happen. Let's talk about how we might work together. 

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